Project Dependencies


The following is a list of test dependencies for this project. These dependencies are only required to compile and run unit tests for the application:

GroupId ArtifactId Version Type
junit junit 3.8.1 jar

Project Transitive Dependencies

No transitive dependencies are required for this project.

Project Dependency Graph

Dependency Tree


BSD-Style License: Maven CSS Validator Plugin Project

Common Public License Version 1.0: JUnit

Dependency File Details

Filename Size Entries Classes Packages JDK Rev Debug
junit-3.8.1.jar 118.23 kB 119 100 6 1.1 debug
Total Size Entries Classes Packages JDK Rev Debug
1 118.23 kB 119 100 6 1.1 1
test: 1 test: 118.23 kB test: 119 test: 100 test: 6 - test: 1

Dependency Repository Locations

Repo ID URL Release Snapshot
sonatype-nexus-snapshots - Yes
central Yes -

Repository locations for each of the Dependencies.

Artifact sonatype-nexus-snapshots central
junit:junit:jar:3.8.1 - Found at
Total sonatype-nexus-snapshots central
1 (test: 1) 0 1